What is a Good Credit Score?

Good credit is good, but it should never be good enough.  A sign of good credit is a low outstanding balance to credit limit ratio.  Making sure you have good credit is a given.  Developing good credit is an ongoing process that starts with understanding how credit reporting works.  Finally, make sure that all forms of good credit are reporting to the bureaus. 

Having a long credit history with lenders helps other lenders determine if you're a good credit candidate.  Having good credit is easy if you understand the rules.  It is important for many reasons beyond qualifying for the best loan rates.  It will open doors to you in getting better interest rates and even career opportunities.  People with good credit are getting discounts, so they should be happy. 

Get the Latest Copies of Your Credit Reports

Bad credit will cost you thousands of dollars in interest payments to credit cards, car and home payments.  It is a very frustrating thing to deal with.  It can even limit housing opportunities.  It can prevent you from qualifying for a debt consolidation loan at favorable terms.  Bad credit is the leading cause of loss of security clearance. 

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